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Tokyo, Japan


Japanese pop

Years active







Kamenashi Kazuya
Ueda Tatsuya
Nakamaru Yuichi

Former Members

Akanishi Jin
Tanaka Koki
Taguchi Junnosuke

Fan Name


KAT-TUN, 2012

KAT-TUN is a J-Pop group under the Johnny's Entertainment label J-One. The group's name is formed from the first letter of each member's surname. Their name is pronounced similar to the english word "Cartoon" which is the origin of the name of their TV show - Cartoon-KAT-TUN

Members[edit | edit source]

Former Members[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

The group was formed in 2001 with eight members as backup dancers for Kinki Kids member Domoto Koichi when he was the host of Pop Jam. The group dropped three members and Tanaka Koki joined before the group was named. KAT-TUN started out as a temporary unit, however, due to their popularity they became a permanent unit.

They officially debuted in 2006 with a single Real Face, an album Best of KAT-TUN and a DVD Real Face Film, all released on the same day. All three releases topped the charts making them #1 on all three Oricon charts.

On April 19th, it was announced that Jin would be returning to KAT-TUN, and this was further described in a press conference on the 20th. Jin soon joined the KAT-TUN concert series and began working as an active member again. KAT-TUN's fourth single, Yorokobi no Uta was released on June 6th and is the theme to the dorama Tokkyu Tanaka 3 go, which stars Tanaka Koki.

KAT-TUN's fifth single, Keep the Faith was released on November 21st, 2007. The song was used as the theme for the dorama Yukan Club, which stars Akanishi Jin and Taguchi Junnosuke, as well as Kanjani8 member Yokoyama Yu.

Their sixth single, LIPS was released on February 6, 2008. It was used as the opening theme song for Kamenashi Kazuya's dorama 1 Pound no Fukuin, also starring Hey! Say! JUMP member Yamada Ryosuke.

In July 2010 Akanishi Jin left the band to pursue his solo career.

On April 1st, 2011, Johnny & Associates created the earthquake relief project “Marching J“, they held their first fundraising event in front of the First Gymnasium at the Yoyogi National Stadium. It started at 10:00 am, and 101,000 people stopped by over the 6 hours-and-30 minutes run-time. On the first day, Kondo Masahiko, Nishikiori Kazukiyo, Uchiumi Koji, TOKIO, KinKi Kids, Arashi, Tackey & Tsubasa, NEWS, Kanjani8, KAT-TUN, Hey! Say! JUMP, Nakayama Yuma, Yonehana Tsuyoshi, Machida Shingo, A.B.C-Z, and B.I.Shadow made their appearance.

In October 2013, it was announced that Tanaka Koki had been removed from the band and the talent agency for having violated his contract, leaving KAT-TUN as a four-man ensemble

Discography[edit | edit source]

Studio Albums[edit | edit source]

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Works[edit | edit source]

  • [2004] DREAM BOY
  • [2004] SUMMARY of Johnnys World with NEWS
  • [2005] Hey!Say! Dream boy! with Kanjani8
  • [2006] DREAM BOYS with Kanjani8
  • [2007] DREAM BOYS 2007 (Kamenashi, Tanaka)
  • [2008] DREAM BOYS 2008 (Kamenashi, Tanaka)
  • [2011] DREAM BOYS 2011 (Kamenashi, Tanaka, Nakamaru)

  • [2002] Lotte Crunky
  • [2003] Lotte Crunky
  • [2003] Lotte +X Green Apple and Red Berry
  • [2004] Lotte Crunky
  • [2004] Lotte +X Blue Citrus
  • [2005] Lotte +X Pink Berry
  • [2005] Lotte Crunky
  • [2005] Rohto Lip Gloss
  • [2005] World Grand Champions Cup 2005
  • [2005] Rohto C³
  • [2005] Lotte +X
  • [2005] Lotte +X Gold Pineapple
  • [2006] SKY PerfecTV!
  • [2006] Mario DDR (Kamenashi Kazuya & Akanishi Jin)
  • [2007] 903iTV DoCoMo (Kamenashi Kazuya)
  • [2007] DoCoMo DCMX (Tanaka Koki)
  • [2007] Lotte Crunky (Kamenashi Kazuya)
  • [2007] Lotte +X Magic Kiwi
  • [2008] Lotte +X gum
  • [2008] OXY (Tanaka Koki & Akanishi Jin)
  • [2010] Panasonic Lamdash shaver (Kamenashi Kazuya)
  • [2010] AOKI 3D suit (Kamenashi Kazuya)
  • [2011] AOKI 3D suit (Kamenashi Kazuya)
  • [2011] Panasonic Lamdash (Kamenashi Kazuya}
  • [2011] Suzuki SOLIO

Publications[edit | edit source]

Photobooks[edit | edit source]

  • [2003] KAT-TUN 1st. in NEW YORK

Books[edit | edit source]

  • [2010.08.xx] Kazuya Kamenashi VS Jin Akanishi KAT-TUN Dattai no Shinjitsu (Feature)

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