(Wataru Yokoo)

Wataru Yokoo (横尾​​渉; Yokoo Wataru) is a current member of  the Johnny & Associates Group Kis-My-Ft2. He is a former member of the group K.K.Kity. He is also the 'Y' in Kis-My-Ft2.

PROFILE[edit | edit source]

Name: Wataru Yokoo (横尾​​渉; Yokoo Wataru)

Nicknames: Yoko, Yaiba, Wataru, Wata, Wattan, Yokoo-san, Yokoo-chan

Birthdate: May 16, 1986 (Age 31)

Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan

Bloodtype: A

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 52 kg

School: Graduated from Yokohama Souei High School

Family: Parents, older brother, and his five dogs

Strong Point: Can react fast to different situations

Weak Point: Loses interest in things very quickly

Hobbies: Darts, pool, soccer, basketball

Admired Sempai: Tsuyoshi Domoto & Kazunari Ninomiya

Favorite Sports: Soccer, baseball, & basketball

Favorite Foods: Ushisa, yakitori, & fish

Favorite Items of Clothing: Tank tops & small accesories

Favorite Colors: White & black

Type of Girl He Likes: Fair skinned

Treasures the Most: Friends

Entered Johnny's: February 4, 2001

Image Color: Orange

TRIVIA[edit | edit source]

  • He is the second oldest member of the group but is considered by the other members to be an older brother in some ways.
  • All of the Kisumai members respect him a lot; co-member Hiromitsu Kitayama has even called him Yokoo-san even though he is one year younger than him.
  • Wataru is the type of person who wants to hear what he wants to hear; like praises.
  • He entered the agency the same time Takashi Nikaido and Toshiya Miyata, and is thus considered a close friend of Takashi's.
  • He considers places where he performs with the group as stressful.
  • Yokoo doesn't look like he cares, but he really does care about the group and the other members a lot.
  • He always stays calm and is a good listener.
  • He believes Hiromitsu's pace for the group is good because it gives them a break from basically everything.
  • He loves to dance but loves to watch others dance even more, so he goes to concerts every chance he gets.
  • Wataru is always encouraging the other members in everything that they do.
  • He once stated that fellow co-member, Kento Senga, would make a good leader of the group someday.
  • He is known as a clean freak by the other members and they always joke about him acting like a "mother".
  • Yokoo is called the mature one in the group and is the most reliable.
  • He always brings everything in a bag, which makes the others go to him if they want to borrow something.
  • Wataru is also known for his hot temper and being a bit sharp-tongued when the stituation calls for it.

FILMOGRAPHY[edit | edit source]


[2010] Freeter, Ie wo Kau

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